1. Wash your shirts inside out the first few times to make the printing last longer.

2. Orders take 2-7 business days for fulfillment (often 2, usually not more than 4). This is the time it takes to produce the item and is based largely on the availability of the blanks. After the order is fulfilled it will be shipped to you. THIS MEANS IF YOU ORDER OVERNIGHT SHIPPING YOU WILL NOT GET IT TOMORROW. Overnight is the fastest option for sure, but it'll still take a few days at the minimum.

3. If there is a printing/production error on your garments (ink bleeding in the image, loose threads on embroidery, misaligned graphics, etc.) please let me know as soon as you get them so I can make it right. Email me high quality pics.

4. If you need to update your order or change your address email me ASAP. If the order hasn't shipped yet I can still change the address and if it hasn't begun the fulfillment process I can still change/cancel the order. If you sent an order to the wrong address and the order has already shipped, that's on you. Often times it will be returned in the mail and we can reship it but the cost of reshipping it is also on you. If the order comes back I'll reach out a couple times but if you don't respond to me after a week I can't promise the shirt won't be donated to charity (and I won't give you a refund)

5. Different countries have different customs fees and sometimes people get dinged. Specifically ENGLAND seems kind of merciless. I have no control over if your postal service is charging you customs fees. I am not paying for that. There's nothing I can do about it. Most of the time it's fine but it happens sometimes and I'm sayin right here that's not my problem (its yours)

6. All our shipping is tracked. When your order ships it will email you a tracking number. If the order is listed as "DELIVERED" and it gets stolen off your porch or otherwise disappears that's bad luck but it's not my bad luck (it's yours) and as such I will not be paying for it.